Windward Construction Testimonials

We love it here!

It was great seeing you today!

Regarding our building experience with Windward Construction, I have to say that my wife and I are totally satisfied.  You did a great job for us.

In the past, I’d had a really bad experience with a previous builder.  I had sworn off ever building again.  But, at my wife’s behest, we decided to sit down with Brian and his staff and hear you out.  What I rapidly found was that when I asked Brian questions, he was able to give me thoughtful and reasoned answers.  I realized the Windward team was organized and knew what they were doing.  Your references had largely very good things to say about their building experiences with Windward.  Before we began building, we pre-planned pretty much every aspect of the project with finite costs applied in advance.  This meant I knew what it was going to cost me to build this house.  We did go over budget a couple of times but that was on us as we made changes to the house as it was being built. 

Our new home is very well constructed.  We moved into it a week before Hurricane Irma hit and we suffered no damage at all.  One of my favorite aspects of the house is the creative lighting in our kitchen, bedroom and the exterior of the house. And the tray ceilings look great. The carpentry was very professionally done as the trim work is beautiful with no gaps in the corners at all. The guy who quoted our blinds even commented on how level and exact everything is.

In short, we love it here and if I were to do it again I would be happy to use Windward Construction.  Please feel free to use us as a reference going forward.


~Keith & Andria Avellino

Building our dream home with Windward Construction

Scott and I began looking at models during the parade of homes and fell in love with the St. Martin Model built by Windward Construction. What attracted us was the craftsmanship and unique details in everything from the window and door framing, the kitchen island detail, the tray ceilings and crown molding to the 9ft doors and much more. Our favorite design component of this model was the 45 degree angled patio doors which opened the entire great room/kitchen area to the outside. It was breathtaking. We had some specific ideas of what we wanted our home to look and feel like. Brian Haag and his team listened to our ideas and picked up on words we used like organic, open, natural etc., and incorporated that into our design. They made recommendations during each step of the process. We met directly with various subcontractors to design and select cabinets, flooring, doors, etc.

Once the building got started, Brian and Steve would meet with us on sight and draw pictures to capture ideas based on what we were saying. For example we wanted to incorporate wood and stone into our outdoor kitchen and were not sure how to do that. They came up with a couple of options and the end product turned out more stunning than we anticipated. Brian and his team take a hands on approach guiding us through the process to ensure we didn’t make design choices we would regret and also to ensure the finished product was what we wanted. By the end of the building process we had made new friends of not only Brian and his team but many of the subcontractors as well. We were very involved in the process and felt welcome to express ideas or concerns at any time. The process made us feel like we were part of the team building our dream home.

~Scott and Clydie Pennock